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City Council Redistricting

The City of Houston Charter requires that the City Council expand to eleven single-member districts at such point that census data demonstrates that the City’s population exceeds 2.1 million residents. With the much anticipated release of the 2010 US Census, we will begin the process of redistricting in order to add those Districts. The City is interested in hearing from you and your neighborhood regarding your suggestions for the configuration of the new council districts.

More Information from the City of Houston.

Stay tuned for information from the Civic Club describing how this could affect Westbury.

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My thoughts on Redistricting

posted Apr 19, 2011, 3:18 PM by Westbury Civic Club President

Were you as surprised as I was to find the majority of Westbury out of District C and into the newly created District K?  Imagine CM Anne Clutterbuck’s surprise that she  no longer lived in District C either.
I have studied the redistricting maps and the demographics and spoken to people whom I respect who are involved in City Government. Here are my thoughts:
We, as citizens of the City of Houston, have representation through our CM elected from our District as well as the five at large CM.  What do we need from the City of Houston?  We need police and fire protection; we need our infrastructure (our streets, our water and sewer systems) brought up to standards; we need our trash picked up; we need safe water to drink; we need Neighborhood Protection…we need the rundown properties in our neighborhood brought up to standards or demolished; we need libraries; we need parks and green spaces and we need the city esplanades mowed and maintained. We need to know there is someone to call when these needs are not being met.
Will it matter whether we are in C or K to have these needs met? Probably not.  Both Districts will get a new CM.  It will matter whether Westbury is seen as an involved neighborhood that cares about Quality of Life issues and VOTES. We need to be part of the electoral process; we need to attend enmasse all prospective candidate forums;  we need to let all candidates know what OUR issues are and that we care about the future of our neighborhood and our city;  Westbury needs to participate. Let’s help elect someone who cares about Neighborhood issues...because whether you live north or south of South Main or to the west of us …our neighborhood Quality of Life  issues are all the same. 
Do we have common issues with the neighborhoods north and east of us in C? Yes and through District C we will still have representation due to the 100 or so homes that remain in C and also because we do have share a common boundary and common issues. For example  Maplewood doesn’t want to see Hillcroft widened to 8 lanes anymore than Westbury having 7 possible CM on our side will be a good thing.  The Willow Waterhole Greenspace spans 2 dsitricts also.
City Council lines won’t change our police precincts; it won’t change our garbage routes(and by virtue of a new Council district maybe we’ll get the recycling cans we’ve been asking for); Infrastructure rebuilding is being handled through the new Renew program and the city is being mapped on a NEED basis not on a who do you know basis. (That's what they say!)
What are the concerns facing Westbury in the future?  Metro’s plan for rail on Highway 90; the expansion of the Fort Bend Tollway; the development of the vacant land south of S Main and in Westbury too; economic redevelopment of our rundown commercial properties...all of these concerns are shared by the rest of  District K.
Westbury will continue to grow and prosper whatever the letter of our District.  Our new partnership with the Brays Oaks Management District is a step in the right direction. If we remain in K, being part of a brand new Council district is an opportunity.  As always when we work together we do make a difference.
We have until May 6th to make public comment about redistricitng and offer an alternate proposal.  Please email comments to .
Best regards,
Becky Edmondson

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