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Civility Ordinance petition

Petitioning the City to designate an area  further described in Exhibit A attached hereto, as a designated area pursuant to Article XVI, Section 40-353 of the Houston Code of Ordinances and thereby subject to Article XVI, Section 40-352 of the Code of Ordinances.

Attached below  and entitled "Civility ordinance-FINAL" is the form you need to print and sign and return if you wish to petition the City of Houston to create a designated area as shown in  Exhibit A to become subject to the Article in Exhibit B.
Only  property owners within the boundaries of the map may sign the petition.  In Westbury it is just property owners east of Chimney Rock in Westbury Section 1; the portion of Westbury 2 known as the Triangle; and the portion of Westbury 3 east of Chimney Rock. 
Please print the petition form.
Name : Must be the property owner as listed on HCAD.
Title: Applicable if the property is owned by a corporation
Mark the box if you are a Property owner within the  proposed designated area
Mark the box if you are ALSO a resident within the proposed designated area
               Note: Property owners residing on that property would check both boxes
Address of signatory:  this is the address where YOU who are signing live
Address of owned property: this is the address of the property within the area
      Note:  this would be the same address if you live at the property within the area
HCAD number:  Optional (you can enter from or we will fill it in once received
Signature: Must be the property owner signature or person designated to sign on behalf of the entity
Date: Must not be before October 4, 2016

Please mail the signed ORIGINAL form to Westbury Civic Club, 5322 West Bellfort, Suite 107 Houston, Tx 77035
Want to save a stamp?  The WCC has a mail slot in their door and petitions may be dropped through the door at the address listed above.
Westbury Civic Club President,
Oct 5, 2016, 2:53 PM