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Call to Action

Westbury call to action!!!! For over 30 years Pct 5 has helped keep Westbury safe as HPD numbers decreased and crime increased. Please email everyone listed below and sign up to speak on this item: 20. c. 2.

20. Commissioners court c. Precinct 2; 2. Request for discussion and possible action on a study of contracts held by Constables under the Harris County Contract Patrol Program to evaluate how the program operates in each Constable precinct, the efficacy of the program, its full impact on the county budget, its impact on operations of county departments, and inequities that may be caused by the program, with the study and final recommendation completed and submitted to Commissioners Court on May 19,

Carpooling will be available to go to commissioners court.

URGENT Message from Constable Ted Heap:

This proposal from Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia deals with doing away with deputy constables patrolling your neighborhoods.

This is a public safety issue. There are more than 1000 constable deputies countywide that support our understaffed Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Houston Police Department.

This proposal by Commissioner Garcia, if passed, will significantly impact the safety of our families and community by removing those deputies from your streets.

I am committed 100% to protecting your families, neighborhoods and businesses. I will fight any attempt to remove our deputies from your streets.

Please read this open letter to our Precinct 5 residents for more information:

Dear Friends:

My office was made aware for the first time this morning that County Commissioner Adrian Garcia intends to propose an item on the March 10 Commissioners Court agenda that could significantly impact law enforcement in your communities.

Because this study proposal ( has not been discussed publicly prior to its inclusion on next week’s agenda, I want to ensure that you and your neighbors have an opportunity to see it and discuss it before any action is taken on Commissioners Court.

I encourage you to make your voice heard on this issue. You can do that by writing or calling:

• County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who also represents you on Commissioners Court. Judge Hidalgo’s office number is 713-274-7000, and her email address is • *Commissioner Adrian Garcia, the Commissioner spearheading this campaign, at 713-274-2222, and you can email him at or through his website: • Commissioner R. Jack Cagle at 832-927-4444, and you may email him at • Commissioner Steve Radack at 713-755-6306, and you may email him at • Commissioner Rodney Ellis at 713-274-1000, and you may email him at You may also wish to attend the March 10 meeting of Commissioners Court, which begins at 10 a.m. in the Commissioners Courtroom on the ninth floor of the Harris County Administration Building at 1001 Preston in downtown Houston. If you wish to speak to the court on this issue or to watch the proceedings live online, please go to: If you plan to speak you MUST sign up online at