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Garbage Pickup, Heavy Trash and Recycling

Contact the City of Houston 311 hotline for any trash or recycling related problems or questions.

Regular trash pickup is every Thursday for all of Westbury.  
Recycling Pick-up is every other Thursday. 
Heavy Trash is the 2nd Thursday of every month. JUNK is allowed only in even numbered months. TREE waste every month.

Trash Tips

  • Trash cans need to be on curb by 7AM each Thursday
  • Trash cans must be removed by 10PM each Thursday
  • Trash cans must be placed at least 3 feet apart  
  • Trash cans must be stored out of sight.
  • Yard waste MUST be in correct biodegradable bags
  • Heavy trash can be placed starting at 6PM the Friday before pick-up
  • YARD WASTE is not considered tree waste. It is collected on regular Thursday trash day.
  • Call 311 for all trash questions and complaints
  • Nearby Trash Depositories and Recycling Centers:
    • SW Trash Depository/Recycling Ctr 10785 SW Frwy / Hours: Wed.—Sun. 9AM to 6PM;
      Accepts Junk Waste, Tree Waste & Recyclables.
    • Environmental Service Center - 11500 S. Post Oak Hours: Tues/Wed 9AM-3PM;
      2nd Sat 9AM-1PM. Accepts Hazardous Household & Electronic Waste

Heavy Trash

Westbury Heavy Trash Pick-up Day: 2nd Thursday of each month

What kind of trash can you put out for Heavy Trash?  It depends on the month.  Check below to see if it is Junk Waste or Tree Waste month.

Tree Waste OnlyJanuary, March, May, July, September, November
Tree waste is defined as "clean wood waste" which consists of tree limbs, branches, or stumps. Lumber, furniture and treated wood will not be accepted.

Junk Waste Only: February, April, June, August, October, December
Junk waste is used to describe items previously referred to as "heavy trash" such as furniture, appliances, and other bulky material.

*You may place your heavy trash items curbside no earlier than 6pm the Friday before pick-up.

Refer to the Solid Waste Department website for more details.

Curbside Recycling

All of Westbury is now part of the Automated Recycling Program.  This means every home should have a large green rolling trash can.   

Recycling pick-up is every other Thursday.  Check the current Westbury Crier  for dates.

Your two trash cans must be placed at least 3 feet apart when on the curb for pick-up.

You can recycle the following items:
*Newspaper            *Plastic Containers 1 -5, 7 (rinsed & drained)
*Magazines             *Aluminum and Tin Cans (rinsed & drained)
*Catalogs                *Cardboard (flattened)
*Phone Books


Do not put recycle items into plastic bags. The sorting equipment needs items to be free to move around.

Do not recycle plastic bags.  Loose plastic bags tangle up or damage the sorting equipment at the recycle center.   

Southwest Houston Trash Depository & Recycling Center

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This facility that accepts Junk Waste, Tree Waste and Recyclables at no additional charge to City of Houston residents.

Address: 10785 Southwest Freeway

Please refer to their website for more information such as hours of operation, accepted materials, and required proof of city residency.

Environmental Service Center South

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The Environmental Service Center accepts household hazardous waste and electronic waste from City of Houston residents.

11500 S. Post Oak Lane
Houston, TX 77035
Phone: 713.551.7355

The center has limited hours of operation, please check their website for information regarding hours of operation and accepted materials.