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September Crier

posted Aug 29, 2016, 6:50 PM by Westbury Civic Club President

Delivery of the September issue of the Westbury Crier began today and is expected to be complete by Thursday. If you don’t receive it please send an email to westburycc@sbcglobal.net  with your address. 

After the summer lull, events are plentiful in September. In addition you will read about the petition to Keep Hillfort 4 lanes, please sign it and spread the word.  You will read about the Flood disaster recovery meeting.  There is one more public hearing not listed in the Crier and that is on September 8th  from 6 -8 PM 815 Crosby street to focus on unmet needs.   

National Night Out is Oct 4th: every street that is concerned about crime and safety should host a get together. 

Hope to see you at the Annual meeting on Sept 21.