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March 2018 Crier

posted Feb 27, 2018, 4:30 PM by Westbury Civic Club President
This is  link to the March 2018 Crier. 

You will see our 2018 budget is for three deputies. We had increased to four several years ago but have been unable to collect enough dues to cover that additional cost. With over 700 houses flooded during Harvey, there are just fewer people paying. Precinct 5 understood this and said this was happening all over the City. More and more homes in Westbury are becoming rental properties as investors buy up homes. If you are a renter, please ask your landlord to pay the dues. The landlord should care not only about your safety but about their own investment. It only takes 1,100 of Westbury’s 5,000 homes to cover the 2018 budget and another 300 to retain our fourth deputy.

Here’s the challenge: The WCC will be writing the letter on April 1 to Pct. 5 to drop our fourth deputy. However, if in the next 30 days, 1,400 Westbury residents send in their dues of $335, then we won’t have to write that letter to drop one deputy. The dues form is on page 17 or  take the link to paypal below in blue.  

Once you are in YOUR account at  PayPal  choose to "Pay or send money"  to the Westbury Civic Club  (westburycc @ sbcglobal.net). Please add your street address and the items you are paying  in the notes section provided on the payment page.

Westbury Civic Club dues         50.00

WAP Patrol                             285.00

Total dues                              335.00

2 payment option:                  167.50 

Parkwest 2018 Assessment       235.80 

Additional contributions of any amount are welcomed.