Houston may not be known around the world for it's greenspaces, but it is one of the most common comments from new comers who arrive by plane. The city is green most of the year. Westbury enjoys many parks and greenspaces in the neighborhod, along with easy access to neighboring parks such as Bayland, the Bellaire Dog Park and the city's largest park, Memorial.

Chimney Rock Park

Chimney Rock Park's facilities include the Platou Community Center, lighted tennis courts, an outdoor basketball pavilion, and a playground.
11655 Chimney Rock, Houston, TX 77035 (website)

Visit the Friends of Chimney Rock facebook page for up to date information.  HPARD is operating an after school program for 2012/2013.  The Crier has a dedicated page to the Platou Center each month for more information.

Hager Park

This 8 acre park has a .51 walking trail and is adjacent to Anderson Elementary.  Hager Park, with its covered basketball court, is located between Landsdowne Drive and McClearen Dr, and attracts many in the neighborhood for outdoor sports. There is playground equipment and a soccer field.

Hillcroft Esplanade

The Hillcroft Esplanade is a work in progress. The vision is for this to become a linear park and running trail similar to those found in other parts of Houston. It has the potential to connect the Brays Bayou trials to the SIms Bayou trails.

Westbury Community Garden

Westbury Community Garden was founded in 2010. There are 50 garden beds, numerous fruit trees, a composting area, and a covered pavilion. The community garden is used as both an educational tool, teaching children from neighboring schools about gardening as well as a community gathering spot for those interested in growing their own produce. (

Westbury Park

The swimming pool at Westbury Park was renovated in 2009 and now has a new splash park area. There are tennis courts, a playground, swing sets, a basketball half-court, soccer and baseball field. The playground was rebuilt in 2013.

5635 Willowbend

Willow Waterhole Greenspace

The project is an exciting combination of major flood control, a $70M series of wet-bottom detention lakes, and Greenspace in a 280-acre park in our backyard. 

There are no official parking spaces for Willow Waterhole. You can park along one of the streets adjacent to the park.  The best option is probably Ricecrest.  Also, there are businesses nearby like The Gathering Place at South Willow and Ricecrest that have vacant lots during off hours and weekends.

Located near the intersection of S. Willow Dr. and Ricecrest St.