The Westbury Civic Club was incorporated in 1961 for the purpose of improving the appearance of the Westbury area and promoting the civic, cultural, educational, and general welfare of the residents of the Westbury and Parkwest subdivisions. To do this requires both the active participation of volunteers and your yearly dues contribution. The total dues payment requested for 2013 is $295.00, which includes the Civic Club Membership, Greenspace Beautification, and Westbury Area Patrol. Each of these are explained in more detail below. You may download and print the membership dues form here. It is also included in the Westbury Crier each month.

WCC Membership $40

  The WCC Membership fee entitles you to vote or hold office in WCC elections, but more importantly, it means that you are an integral part of the Westbury community. The annual fee is equivalent to a modest $3 per month. 
  The WCC has one part-time employee and all other work is done by volunteers, this allows us to keep membership fees low. The membership fee covers everything needed to operate and maintain the services we offer, such as office rent, utilities, insurance, postage, printing, legal and professional fees, salary, etc. Security and Greenspace Beautification funds are dedicated solely to those uses and are not part of WCC membership fees.

Please note, whether dues are paid or not, all homes are subject to deed restrictions.

Greenspace Beautification $25

  The WCC Director of Maintenance and Beautification chairs the Greenspace Beautification Committee. This committee plans and makes improvements on the 7 miles of esplanades and other public green spaces in Westbury, above and beyond the basic services provided by the city.
  Committee members have received city-wide recognition awards each year for the last 3 years for their efforts. In 2009, they received a grant to improve the Hillcroft esplanades. They use a combination of paid and volunteer labor to plant, prune, fertilize, and water our greenspaces. These funds are dedicated solely to greenspace projects and improvements. Remember this the next time you drive down Hillcroft, West Bellfort, Airport, Willowbend  or Chimney Rock…every tree, bush and flower on our esplanades have been planted by the Westbury Civic Club.

Westbury Area Constable Patrol $230

  The Westbury Area Patrol (WAP) features certified peace officers licensed by the state to enforce the laws of the State of Texas. Deputy Constables receive their legal authority from the same statutes as other powers. WAP fees are dedicated solely to WAP.
  We have three constables, but 8 are recommended for a community of our size. The WCC Director of Security works with both the WAP and the Houston Police Department.
  For approximately $19.50/month you can expect faster emergency response time, increased patrol, vacation watch, and the comfort of knowing your community is being secured.

HPD Storefront Voluntary Donation

The Westbury Area Patrol is a service provided through Harris County. In addition to the WAP, we have a Houston Police Department Storefront in the neighborhood. Please consider donating to the Storefront to help cover operating costs and keep the storefont in Westbury.

Mandatory Annual Dues in Parkwest 1 and 2

   Parkwest 1 and Parkwest 2 revised their deed restrictions in 1993/1994 and have mandatory dues for homes purchased after the revision dates. Mandatory dues will be $227 for 2014. Annual increases to mandatory dues are limited by an inflation factor published by the government.
 Invoices for mandatory dues properties will be mailed in January. Payments are due by February 1 each year. Please pay promptly to avoid a 10% late fee.
  We are currently working to revise all non-mandatory dues sections' deed restrictions to allow for mandatory dues when a home is purchased by a new owner and allow all current homeowners to be grandfathered under the non-mandatory dues policy. For now, be assured that Parkwest 1 and Parkwest 2 residents do not "carry" all of Westbury.
  Without voluntary contributions from all sections of Westbury, we would not be able to fund the patrol and all the endeavors taken on to better our community.

Contact the WCC office at 713-723-5437 or westburycc@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions regarding mandatory dues.

Please click here if you would like to pay by Paypal.

If you are paying by check, please print and fill out the attachment below.
Mail it and your check to our bank in Dallas where your payment will be deposited and processed.

The form allows you to mark the amounts that you are paying along with any additional donations.

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