Buying or Selling Home

Congratulations!  Welcome to Westbury!

Here are few items to help you along in the process of purchasing or selling a home in Westbury.  

Deed Restrictions:  Westbury is a deed restricted community.  The deed restrictions govern the use of the property and prevent certain types of development and construction and much more.  The deed restrictions have been in place since the neighborhood was founded and have helped to maintain the neighborhood over the past 60 years.  All sections of Westbury have active deed restrictions.  They are available online under the Documents tab, Deed Restrictions.   If you have any questions, please call 713-723-5437.    The WCC can review your plans for free to make sure you are not in violation of the deed restrictions.  Fill out the House Plan Review Form found under Forms, and return it to the WCC office with the requested items. 

Fees:   All properties in Westbury are subject to fees when a property transfers or refinances.  These administrative fees cover our expenses of providing any information requested and then changing/updating our records as needed.  Types of information requested are any assessments owed or paid, property conditions, current violations and/or general information about the Westbury Civic Club.  These requests must be made in writing by either the owner of the property, the owner’s agent, buyer, or buyer’s agent.  All requests will be responded to within 10 business days.     

        Transfer Fee:   $125  
        A transfer occurs when the property is changing ownership.  Payment is usually made at                closing and is made with the title company who forwards payment to the Westbury Civic Club.

Refinance Fee: $75
A refinance occurs when the property is not changing hands but the owner is refinancing the loan. Payment is usually made at closing and is made with the title company who forwards payment to the Westbury Civic Club.

Resale Certificate: $100
A resale certificate is not currently required by the Civic Club, but can be requested by the owner, owner’s agent, buyer or buyer's agent.  Resale certificates include the Deed Restrictions for the section of Westbury that the property lies in, the By-Laws of the WCC, documents proving solvency, the policies of the WCC, and more.  The fee must be paid at the time of request.  Please complete the Resale Certificate Request Form on the Forms Page and deliver to the WCC office with payment. 

RUSH Resale Certificate: $150
A RUSH request is defined as the Certificate being needed within 3 business days of the official request via the Resale Certificate Request Form on the Forms Page. 

Request for HOA Fees and Account Status
All requests for financial status of a property account must be made in writing.  You may email your request to the WCC office at We do not accept requests made over the phone.

Buyer Information
It is very important that correct and current information for buyers is provided to WCC at the time of transfer so that we may provide the new owners with important correspondence about their new property. When a cash sale is completed, please provide 
New Owner Contact Information on the Forms Page, for cash sales at the time of transfer.