Dues and Assessments

The Westbury Civic Club was incorporated for the purpose of improving the appearance of the Westbury area and promoting the civic, cultural, educational, and general welfare of the residents of the Westbury and Parkwest subdivisions. The active participation of volunteers and yearly dues contributions help us achieve these goals. Westbury is a unique neighborhood with the majority of the homes having voluntary dues. Only Parkwest 1 and 2 homes have Mandatory Assessments. You can read more about that below. 

The total voluntary dues payment requested for 2023 is $375.00  which includes Westbury  Civic Club Dues and Westbury Area Patrol. This is just a dollar a day!  

You may mail a check or drop one off through the WCC office mail slot or pay online at the link below. 

Click here to pay your dues and assessments.  This a link to our PayPal shopping cart. You may choose a specific amount or use the custom payment option to enter any amount or additional payment.

Westbury Civic Club Dues $60
The Westbury Civic Club (WCC) has been vital in keeping Westbury a desirable neighborhood over the past 60 years. The WCC helps maintain 7 miles of esplanades, issues a monthly newsletter, the Westbury Crier, enforces deed restrictions, provides community events and acts as a very important liaison with the City of Houston. 

Your contribution helps covers everything needed to operate and maintain the services we offer, such as office rent, utilities, insurance, postage, printing, legal and professional fees, salary, etc. The WCC has one part-time employee and all other work is done by volunteers, this allows us to keep our costs low. The Greenspace team helps maintain 7 miles of esplanades by doing supplemental mowing, watering, tree trimming, maintaining Westbury signs and planting flowers.

PLEASE NOTE:  All homes of subject to the deed restrictions, whether the dues are paid or not. All sections of Westbury & Parkwest have ACTIVE deed restrictions.

Westbury Area Patrol $315  The Westbury Civic Club has a contract with Harris County, Precinct 5, Contract Deputy Program to patrol Westbury and provide 24 hour response. This program is referred to as the Westbury Area Patrol (WAP). The WAP currently consists of 4 Constables that are assigned patrol Westbury daily. The Contract Deputy Program is designed, however, so that even when a Westbury deputy is unavailable, the next closest Pct. 5 Constable will be dispatched. Several of our bordering neighborhoods (Meyerland, Maplewood, and Marilyn Estates) also participate in the Pct. 5 Contract Deputy Program, so deputies are typically nearby at all times. 

The Harris County Pct. 5 Constables are certified peace officers, licensed by the State of Texas to enforce the laws of the State of Texas. The deputies are uniformed, armed and drive distinctively marked, emergency equipped, law enforcement vehicles. The Constables provide high visibility, rapid response to emergency and non-emergency calls, vacation watches, alarm monitoring, and home security checks. The WCC  gets daily activity reports and meets with the deputies regularly to ensure that residents and the WCC are kept up to date with any crimes in our area.



Print form in the 
Westbury Crier and mail with your
check to:
Westbury Civic Club 
PO Box 975182
Dallas, TX 

Payment in person:
WCC Office 
5322 W. Bellfort #100
Houston, TX 77035


We only accept credit cards via
Send payment to westburycc@
Make sure to include your address or account number in the Notes section. 
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